Behaviour and Training

Humane Force-free Training and Behavioural Modification for Dogs and Cats

Best Paw Forward

Humane Reward-based Animal Training


I offer one-on-one private training, as well as behavioural modification for more complicated problems. 

Private training sessions are ideal for anyone who:

  • may be unable to attend training classes
  • has pets that struggle to focus in a group setting
  • needs to address a specific problem area in their pet's training, such a leash skills, recall or other areas of basic obedience
  • wants to teach their pet cues that may not be covered in a traditional training class

All my methods are force-free, making use of scientifically-proven reward-based training methologies, such as clicker-training. This is the least aversive type of training, and encourages your pet to try new things and learn in a fun, appealing and rewarding way. I make use of food, toys, affection and enviromental rewards, and each pet has a training program tailor-made for what works best for them. Any pet can be trained, at any age, provided they are in good health.

I do not use harsh punishment or corrections, nor do I use equipment that uses fear or pain to gain co-operation from your pet.


Training and/or behavioural assessment typically take place at your home, or out and about, depending on what is being addressed and is required for the session.

You do not need to have any prior experience in animal training for me to help you.

Packages and Fees

My primary service area is from the R304 (road to Stellenbosch) through to Giel Basson Drive in Parow/Plattekloof, and includes Bellville, Brackenfell and Durbanville. I am willing to travel outside of these areas, but a nominal travel fee may apply, over and above the pricing listed below. 

I offer email support for all training provided, as well as articles and tips to help you maintain the training given.

Fees are payable upfront, before or on the day of the first session. Packages must be paid in full on or before the first session.

EFT (PoP must be provided) and cash accepted. 

If you are unsure which option would suit you best, please feel free to contact me so we may discuss your needs and decide which would benefit you the most.

Please be aware that training will not maintain itself if it is not practiced. I can offer guidance and support on maintaining what you and your pet have learnt, but it is up to you to practice it.

Individual Training Sessions

Individual training sessions are suitable for those who need help with 1-2 particular issues that doesn't require extensive training to fix, or if you're needing advice on management, such as how to alleviate boredom or house-training.

Individual sessions are 1-1.5 hours long, depending on what is being addressed, and are R350.00 each.

Coaching and Training Package

Coaching is ideal for those who would like to do a course of training with their dogs, but are interested in learning how to train their dogs themselves. The coaching package consists of an initial consultation and assessment, where we discuss your goals, your previous dog owning and training experience, what your dog already knows and where he/she may need some further work. The first session is typically around 1.5 hours long and we will do at least 1 cue during this session. Subsequent sessions are approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what the goal for the day is, and most dogs learn 1-2 cues per session.
Coaching sessions happen once a week, so as to give you some time to practice your new cues with your dog between sessions.

Coaching is offered as a set of 4 sessions at R1200.00.

Behavioural Consultation

My behavioural assessment modifcation techniques are based on COAPE's EMRA™  model.


EMRA stands for Emotional, Mood and Reinforcment Assessment. This means I assess the emotions that is driving your pet's behaviour, their overall mood state that they feel in their day-to-day lives, what is reinforcing and causing the behaviour to continue. By taking all these factors into consideration, I am then able to formulate a treatment plan specifically designed for your family and your pet. 
Treatment plans may involve management and/or training, depending on the individual case.

Behaviour consultations are typically 1.5-3 hours long. During the consultation, I will give you advice and guidance on changes you can start implementing immediately. I will also email you a concise modification plan after the consultation. This plan is tailored specifically to you and your pet's individual case.


Should you have any questions or concerns after the consultation, support via email and/or phone will be provided.

Behavioural Consultations are R750.00. Additional training sessions may be added on if need be (see aforementioned training pricing).

For pets on Medipet Pet Insurance, Medipet may cover your behaviroual consultation with me.

Please note: For areas outside of my service area, a travel fee may be applicable. Feel free to contact me to discuss you and your pet's needs!

Behavioural Modification is suitable for pets who display behaviours such as:

  • excessive vocalisations
  • digging scratching 
  • resource guarding
  • inappropiate urination and/or defecation
  • destructive chewing and/or clawing
  • hyperactivity
  • aggression 
  • fears and phobias
  • "abnormal" behaviours
  • et cetera...